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White River Soy Processing, LLC develops and operates oilseed processing facilities in the U.S.

With a commitment to excellence in production and safety for our employees, our team leverages decades of experience in soybean processing and is driven to produce the highest quality vegetable protein meal and oil for better nutritional outcomes.

We are passionate about building lasting partnerships with farmers, contributing to our communities, and delivering superior soybean products to our customers.

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Benson Hill Transfers Ownership of its Seymour, Indiana, Crush Facility to White River Soy Processing with $36 Million Asset Purchase Agreement

Oct. 31, 2023 - Benson Hill , Inc. announced that it has transferred ownership of its Seymour, Ind., soybean crush facility to White River Soy Processing, LLC for approximately $36 million of total gross proceeds, subject to working capital and other adjustments.



Walter Cronin, Co-Founder & President

Walter Cronin, Co-Founder and President of White River Soy Processing, brings three and a half decades of experience in grain, oilseed, protein meal, and vegetable oil trading, as well as risk management, to his leadership position. Prior to assuming his role at White River, he advised investors on oilseed processing developments. Walter contributes his insight into U.S. and global oilseed processing developments which are available on LinkedIn.

Kimberly McCormick, Chief Financial Officer

With over 30 years of experience in the fields of accounting and finance, Kimbelry McCormick is a

seasoned professional in the world of financial management. As the Chief Financial Officer,

Kimberly’s expertise in financial strategy, risk management, and fiscal responsibility has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous organizations. Her experience includes various industries including agriculture, regulated utilities, energy, technology, and transportation.


We are hiring! At White River Soy Processing, our dedicated team is driven to produce the highest quality vegetable protein meal and oil for better nutritional outcomes. Explore our current job openings for an opportunity to start a rewarding career with our company.

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